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Fitting the Yowie snowshoe


The Yowie snowshoes utilise velcro, snap buckles and tensioning buckles to fit the snowshoe to your boot. Ensure that you are wearing durable boots. If wearing gaiters, fit the gaiters first. Adjustments can be made at the toe (“front strap”), across the top of the foot (“middle strap”), and behind and slightly above the heel (“rear strap”). Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the main features of the snowshoe. The design of the snowshoes is specific to the left and right feet. Hold the snowshoe in front of you with the narrow end closer to you. Identify the middle strap, with its snap buckle that passes over the foot. You can determine the left and right snowshoes by referring to the side on which the 'female' part of the snap buckle is fitted. Where the female part of the buckle is on the right-hand side, the snowshoe is for the right foot.

Preparing the snowshoe for adjustment

Undo the velcro rear strap and loosen the rear strap. Do not push the velcro on the end of the strap through the tensioning buckle. Undo the snap buckle on the middle strap and slide the male part of the snap buckle gently toward the end of the strap (reducing the length between the buckle and the end of the strap). Feed the front strap through the buckle, reducing the length between the buckle and the end of the strap. This will increase the size of the opening through which the front of the boot is passed. Do not push the rubber cover of the end of the strap through the tensioning buckle.

Adjusting for different boot lengths.

The numbers on the front and back of the snowshoe (1-2-3) are to allow the wearer to correctly align their boot to the middle of the snowshoe. The boot should be placed under the middle strap, with the toe pushed under the front straps. The boot will then be on the deck of the snowshoe. The rear strap will be around the back of the foot. Ensure that the front of the toe of the boot and the back of the heel align with the same number on the deck of the snowshoe. This position is maintained by adjusting the front and rear straps. Tighten the front and rear straps by pulling gently on the end of the straps. Place the end of the front strap through the rubber ring. Engage the velcro on the rear strap with the other velcro component of the rear strap. Tuck the end of the middle strap between the harness and the boot. Clip the two parts of the snap buckle on the middle strap together and tighten the strap gently. This strap should sit above the top of the boot across the bootlaces.

Adjusting for different boot widths.

The snowshoe can be adjusted for different widths of boot by adjusting the inner velcro straps on each of the front and middle straps. Undo all of the inner straps. Place the boot flat on the snowshoe deck, in the middle of the deck. Keeping the boot in place, hold the inner straps tightly over the boot and press the outer velcro strap onto the inner velcro straps, starting at the bottom of the boot, so that the straps hold the boot tightly in place.

Tighten all straps gently to ensure that the boot is firmly fastened to the snowshoe. Do not yank straps.

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